Women’s Pride Run & Walk Prep Launch Party

On Thursday May the 1st, the women of Vancouver Frontrunners hosted a Pride Run & Walk preparation launch party for female runners and walkers. The event was to provide information on a 3 month clinic that the Vancouver Frontrunners are offering for free to give women an opportunity to not only help prepare for the 5km or 10km Pride Run/Walk, but to connect and engage with other women in the sport.

Not only was the launch party a huge success with a higher turnout than anticipated, we also gained quite a few more signups than we originally expected.

The first session being offered begins on Saturday May 3rd and it’s never too late to join. If you’re still interested in hearing more, fill out the form on our site by clicking here and we’ll make sure you receive all the info you need.

There’s no commitments, fees or expectations of any kind. Just show up and see for yourself what the Vancouver Frontrunners can offer you.