Vancouver Frontrunners (VFR) welcomes and supports trans and gender-variant runners & walkers.

VFR is inclusive, friendly, and social in spirit. VFR welcomes people from a range of running/walking abilities. The focus is on supporting people in their personal fitness goals and having fun.

In the past, VFR has primarily consisted of gay and lesbian members. However, recently VFR has welcomed more trans and gender-variant members and expanded its understanding and competencies with issues facing transgender and gender-variant runners and walkers. This has entailed a number of actions and considerations to create a more inclusive and supportive space, including:

• Expansion of gender options in the member registration process;

• Development of the VFR Showering Policy; and

• Introduction of a third race category in the annual Pride Run and Walk.

Members are able to sign up for VFR using any name and gender marker they identify with (regardless of their government-issued identification). The registration system offers options for cisgender, genderqueer, and those who identify otherwise, or don’t care to disclose or otherwise. If you’re interested in joining, please review the Information on becoming a member.

VFR also recognizes the unique challenges faced by trans and gender-variant members when it comes to navigating changeroom and/or shower facilities. As such, VFR has worked with Roundhouse Community Centre to develop a half hour period in which one of the binary shower facilities with three private stalls becomes a mixed-gender space for post-exercise use before weekly dinner outings.

Please review the details about VFR’s Showering Policy.

VFR is also excited to present a third race category to celebrate the gender diversity and vibrancy of our community. VFR invites participants to register in the category with which they identify in terms of gender identity. VFR will be giving out prizing for top competitors in each category. During the registration process, participants will find three categories and may choose any category which they feel best reflects their gender identity:

a. Female (including Cis/Trans)
b. Male (including Cis/Trans)
c. Non-Binary
d. Prefer not to answer

Information and registration for the Pride Run and Walk is published on our site.


Here are some videos, photos, and articles about trans and gender-variant athletes:

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