Shower Availability

Many runners/walkers choose to shower after exercising. VFR recognizes that the post-run/walk showering may present a challenge or barrier to some of its members, for many reasons, including those who are body-conscious or dysphoric. Further, VFR acknowledges the unique challenges faced by trans and gender-variant people in navigating public changerooms, showers, and restroom facilities.

In order to facilitate a safe and comfortable post-run/walk showering experience, VFR has had constructive dialogue with managers at both Roundhouse Community Centre and Brockton Oval. VFR and the Vancouver Park Board understand and affirm the right of trans and gender-variant individuals to use the changing facility that aligns with their gender identity or the one they feel most comfortable using.

Brockton Oval

There are binary-only options at Brockton Oval. Both the men’s and women’s showering facilities are open concept. There are six showerheads arranged in a rectangle manner. There is an adjacent, spacious changing area with about 25 lockers.

In the women’s shower facilities, there are 3 bathroom stalls for a more private changing option. In the men’s shower facilities, there are 2 bathroom stalls. In the spring and summer, there is consistent use by non-VFR patrons, including other runners, walkers, and rugby/cricket clubs.

Roundhouse Community Centre

Men’s Showers: The shower space is small and open concept with 3 showerheads. There is a small change area with limited space and 25 lockers. There is one bathroom stall for more private changing. There is limited use by non-VFR patrons, but it is mainly for changing purposes and less so for showering.

October 2023: We are engaging in a discussion with Vancouver Park Board staff regarding the following: Mixed Gender Showers: Roundhouse has agreed to allow VFR exclusive use of a mixed gender facility for half hour from 7:30 to 8:00 pm after the Wednesday run/walk. This facility has three private shower stalls with curtains. The changing room is small with one bench and about 25 lockers. There are three bathroom stalls for more private changing.

Please reach out to us at if you have questions in the interim.

In Summary

VFR hopes that these details and options outlined in this policy provide the maximum comfort for all its members. VFR intends for this information to allow for a smooth showering experience.

If any issues should arise, VFR is prepared to respond quickly and appropriately. Please inform one of the members of the VFR Board, who will address the issue based on previous discussions with both facilities. The safety, well-being, and comfort of members are matters of utmost concern to VFR.

This policy is evolving, which is based on ongoing feedback, the needs of trans and gender-variant individuals, and discussions with facility managers. The policy will be evaluated on a regular basis. If you have any questions, feedback, and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletics Director via Contact Us.