Starting and ending at Second Beach Park, we have a what you would call and ‘out and back’ course.

  • Both 5km and 10km runners and walkers will head off East from Second Beach Park, past Lost Lagoon and under the Georgia Street overpass.
  • From here you will approach the junction where there’s a crossing on the bike path, but don’t worry, we’ll have volunteers monitoring traffic to ensure you’re not┬ádisrupted.
  • Then you will head north and follow the sea wall path without any detours. Our infamous disco water station will be positioned shortly after the entrance of Deadman’s Island, which is also the turnaround point for the 5km runners. This marks 2.5km into the course.
  • 10km runners will continue on the sea wall, navigating their way around the Brockton Point Lighthouse, furthering on past the water park at the base of Lumberman’s Arch before finding your turnaround point at the bridge where Stanley Park drive crosses over the extension of Hanson Trail.

Both 5km and 10km runners turnaround at the designated spots and continue back along the same path and cross the finish line which also doubles up as the start line.

For 5km participants, this means your water station visit is at the half way mark, while 10km runners will pass this at the 2.5 and 7.5 km marks.

Should 10km runners require a bathroom break, there are public washrooms available at the children’s water park, as well as a public drinking fountain available should you be thirsty.