Congratulations Marathoners

Several Vancouver Frontrunners headed to Victoria for the long weekend to run the half and full marathons. The weather on Sunday morning was perfect for running with cool temperatures and no rain. We had some great performances and accomplishments including a personal best for Xavier Toledo!! Congratulations to everyone!!!

Half marathon:
Greg Matsunami 1:51:40
Xavier Toledo 2:01:09 (PB)
Kai Scott 1:29:25
Guy McAuliffe 1:43:42

Full marathon:
Leifka Vissers 3:54:46
C.D. Saint 3:34:13

This weekend we also had two other members competing in marathons outside of Victoria. Gar Fisher ran the Chicago marathon in 4.43 and Mark Rozenberg ran the Long Beach, California marathon in 3:41.

Well done, everyone!!!