VFR are pleased announce the colours for this year’s Pride Run & Walk technical t-shirts…

After receiving a huge response from many of our fans on our Facebook poll, VFR are happy to announce that this year’s Pride Run & Walk t-shirts will come in both Pink and Orange.

The shirts will be available in a range of sizes and will be branded with the creative graphic you see below (ignore the red background).

While it is unfortunate, our supplier is only able to provide the pink shirt in a women’s style cut, and the orange in a men’s. While some of us will still opt to purchase either colour, regardless of how we identify in gender, we ask that you keep this in mind as a medium shirt in one colour won’t fit the same way as it would in the other.

Technical t-shirts can be purchased during registration for only $15 and they’re a great to show off your accomplishment and support of Pride Run & Walk.

Click here to register, and get your Pride Run & Walk 2015 t-shirt ordered today!

Pride Run T-Shirts and Graphics