Board of Directors – 2015

With a new year comes a new board of directors! On December the 6th, Vancouver Frontrunners hosted their annual general meeting where one of the action items was voting on a new board of directors. We were sad to see that Paul Johnson, Jah Bilkhu, Kai Scott, Christopher Hawn all stepped down from their duties.

With that said, we are excited to announce some new members who took their places and filled a new spot:

Mark Rozenberg – Moves from Treasurer to President
Alex Cheung – replaces Mark as Treasurer.
Ian Wong – replaces Kai as Athletics Director
Clare Haurer – joins as Women’s Coordinator
Leifka Vissers – replaces Jag as Community  & Sponsorship Liaison
Laurie Reemeyer – replaces Chris as Social Director
Rohan Hare – continues on as Communications Director

Find more details on our Board of Directors by visiting: