Saturday Walk

We walk on Saturday at 9:00am, rain or shine, in Stanley Park. We start and end at Brockton Oval. The gathering is free of charge and we welcome visitors. We all meet for brunch afterwards.

Meeting place

We meet just outside the Brockton Oval Fieldhouse—not the Brockton Cricket Pavilion/Clubhouse.

Look for a group of 20 to 30 (good looking!) runners and walkers milling about the main entrance to Brockton Oval at 8:55 am. We usually have a few announcements before we split into groups for the run and walk.

Brockton Oval has a running track, washrooms and change rooms with showers.

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Change rooms

Brockton Oval has lockers and showers in the change rooms. The change rooms are locked, but several VFR members have card keys if you should need access. Bring your own lock. If you forget, you can usually leave your things in the trunk of a member’s car. Public washrooms are accessible without a card key.

If you like to get your own card key you can purchase them from the West End Community Centre, outside Stanley Park. For more information, contact the community centre at 604 257 8333.


Brunch is the best part! We meet at 10:30 at a local restaurant. We’re usually all done by noon.