VQFF 2018 Ticket Lottery

2018 VQFF Ticket Lottery

As Community Sponsors for two of the films at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver Frontrunners have 10 tickets to each film to give away, and we’d like to see you there.

Express your interest below. You may select both! If we have 10 entries or less, then the ticket is yours. If we receive more than 10 entries, then we’ll pull names out of a hat and announce on Wednesday, August 8th at our regular Wednesday Run Club at the Roundhouse. The only condition of entry is that you’re a paid member or a signed participant of the Learn To Run clinic currently in progress.

Al Berto

The mysterious and handsome poet Al Berto arrives at the sleepy fishing village of Sines in Portugal at the height of the decedent disco era of the 1970s. Suffice to say, Sines hasn’t caught up but Al Berto is about to change all that.

Very quickly he sets up house in a ramshackle mansion with a crew of young bohemians and misfits, while falling for the aspiring writer João. But changing the world comes with a cost and Al Berto and his merry crew of outcasts soon find themselves clashing with the conservative elements of the town.
Brimming with energy, passion and a revolutionary spirit (not to mention disco), Al Berto is a welcome sensual overload and a rallying call to arms.

Love Intersections
Join Love Intersections as they premiere their new 6×6 “Finding” short film series with TELUS Storyhive (listed below), as well as past films from the Love Intersections Anthology showcasing the depth their body-of-work. And expect a few surprises, guest appearances from co-collaborators, film subjects and local queer magic makers: a Love Intersections 4D experience!

Finding the Origin Story
Finding Queer History
Finding Queer Dance
Finding Queer Disability Language
Finding Queer Sports
Finding Family & Hope

*Films in this program are closed-captioned in English, and also will be ASL interpreted.