Christopher Hawn

Interview With Christopher

ChristopherWhat do you do for a living?
Orchestra librarian for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Where did you grow up? What is your background/history?
Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Detroit, MI. I moved to Vancouver in August 2006, after I finished undergrad, thinking it would be a two-year stint while I did my master’s degree at UBC. I was lucky enough to get a job as assistant librarian at the Vancouver Symphony while I was still in school, so I stuck around until February 2014, when I moved to Edmonton for my new job.

How long have you been running?
On and off for about six years, though I’ve only done races in the past 18 months.

Favourite running experience?
The last 3 kilometers of the ScotiaBank Half Marathon, last June. I’ve never seen so many friends come out to cheer me on!

Advice to newer runners?
If you want to run faster, find somebody faster than you with a nice butt. Your pace will increase dramatically. I speak from experience.

How did you find out about Frontrunners?
The guy I was dating at the time. We started running while we were dating, and after we broke up, we kept running together.

How long have you been a member of Frontrunners?
2 years.

What do you like best about Frontrunners?
The social aspect. These aren’t just people I run with, they’re some of my greatest friends and supporters.

Least known fact about you?
I collect underwear. I own over 250 pair. I guess you could say I’m an underwear enthusiast (though not a fetishist).

Favourite thing to do when you are not working (or running)?
Curling. I recently competed in the Gay Canadian Curling Championships. I’m also an amateur mixologist and a damn good cook (my desserts bring all the boys to the yard).

What is your biggest running accomplishment and what are your running goals or aspirations?
Finishing the Hypothermic Half-Marathon in February (with the wind chill, it was a balmy -32 Celsius outside) was definitely a big accomplishment for me, and I did it in a personal best! My next goal is to finish the Pride Run 10k in July under 40 minutes. Beyond that, I’m not really sure.